Welcome to Keto Fit Now

If you have been searching through numerous websites, blogs and facebook pages and articles you have no doubt found yourself inundated and perhaps even intimidated by all the information regarding keto.  Together we have decided to bring to our clients our combined experience and  to provide not just the right tools but a toolkit for the keto way of  living  in what can be a confusing brave new world for many..

– Dave Carpenter

Meet Our Keto Coaches

Dave Carpenter

Dave is  a certified personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist  and certified MES (Medical Exercise Specialist). In addition to conducting  one on one personal training and group boot camps at Train Station Fitness in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Dave specializes in  Ketogenic lifestyle nutrition program design and consultation, including cyclical keto and  Intermittent fasting.He is responsible for the on going  health and fitness of approx 75 clients ranging from ages 16 to 80. All of which are enjoying the benefits of the  ketogenic way of living  Dave is 48 years young so we can confidently say that he has a lifetime of fitness and nutrition experience. LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and Keto is not just  a passion but a way of living.March 2017 Dave underwent a life altering health event. Having felt uncharacteristically short of breath Dave was rushed to hospital and soon diagnosed with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy and ccongestive heart failure with an ejection fraction rate of 15%. This of course was a complete shock to Dave and everyone around him. An angiogram test showed no arterial blockages, lack of heart disease or abnormalities. Like anyone living with reduced heart function Dave has significant challenges that lie ahead.Dave understands challenge and is determined to meet his and he and our team are here to help you meet yours! 

Susan Keth

Susan is an active NGA masters bikini Pro.The NGA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which serves a dual mission:(1 )To inform and support athletes through education, personal fitness training and certification programs.(2) Encouragement in the art and science of natural strength training and bodybuilding. Susan has a great passion for health and fitness. She has meticulous dedication and an unwavering commitment to “stick to the plan”.

Susan lives in sunny Orlando Florida. She has two children 28 and 23. She began learning about nutrition as a result of both of her children having been afflicted with autoimmune issues and chose to heal them through natural methods and which led her to research natural whole foods role in health  more than 25 years ago.. Susan enjoys her work with horses and is a self proclaimed  adrenaline addict.

Recent Testimonials as seen in Windsor Body magazine feature

“What a team! My Personal Trainer Anthonie and my Nutritionist Dave make a great team. I recently met Anthonie and Dave. They took the time to meet with me before just jumping into anything. They put together a customized exercise and nutrition program for me that has worked wonders. In just 30 days, I have lost 27 pounds! I feel fantastic! I am no longer a slave to hunger and food cravings. I now have a much better understanding of what healthy choices really are and I feel a renewed sense of confidence knowing that I can take what I have learned and apply my newfound knowledge to ensure I live a happy, healthy lifestyle moving forward.”
– Mike Hope

“Just over one year ago, we decided to invest in our health. Instead of going on a cruise for a week, we decided that we would be better off joining a fitness club and enrolling in a nutrition plan. This has been the best decision we could have ever made! Since then, we have been working together with our Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Dave Carpenter. Dave understands our goals and our challenges. He has guided and, more importantly, educated us throughout our journey, and he continues to motivate us. We have lost weight and have kept it off. From the very beginning, we noticed that we felt energized with a new sense of well-being. We are now able to enjoy many more activities than we previously could. Our lives have changed for the better, and we have Dave to thank.”
– Al and Joanne

“Over the past year, I have been able to make significant progress with my weight training because of the expert coaching of my Personal Trainer, Jessica. I heard from Jessica that Dave, the Nutritionist from PROactive Nutriton, was quite successful in helping many meet their goals. I simply approached Dave one day while he was working out. I asked how I might be able to lower my body fat while at the same time continue making progress with my lifting. Dave turned my understanding of nutrition upside down! He provided me with the key to success. Nutrition can be a broad and complicated topic, and Dave took the time to explain everything to me in simple terms. I had many questions and he answered them all. I am now following a nutrition and exercise plan designed just for me. I have a new outlook and am confident that I can reach and even surpass my fitness goals. Thanks to Jessica and Dave, there is no stopping me now!”
– Paul Taylor